Join Leo and his pals in the jungle in this fun game to help children to learn about number bonds.

Each of his friends has a game:

  • Join Leo the Lion putting numbers on the washing line. >>
  • Join Marvin the Monkey learning number bonds on the blackboard. >>
  • Join Jerry the Giraffe at the shops. >>
  • Join Eleanor the Elephant completing puzzles. >>

Each game has certificates to encourage the children's progress, all of which can be printed. >>

With number bonds to 10 and 20 the games can be set to your child's level of understanding.

Washing Line. Leo's game.

Learn number bonds by putting the correct shirts on the washing line.

Washing Line


Blackboard. Marvin's game.

Learn number bonds by picking the correct numbers on the blackboard.

At the shop. Jerry's game.

Learn number bonds by putting the correct items in the baskets.



Puzzles. Eleanor's game.

Learn number bonds by completing the puzzles.


Certificates can be earnt by playing the games. All certificates can be printed.