Join Leo and his pals in the jungle in this fun game to help children to learn about 2D shapes.

Each of his friends has a game:

  • Join Leo the Lion to learn shape names. >>
  • Join Marvin the Monkey to pick a pair of matching shapes. >>
  • Join Jerry the Giraffe to learn about the properties of shapes. >>

Each game has certificates to encourage the children's progress, all of which can be printed in colour or outline to be coloured in by the child. >>

Leo and Pals also has a learn it feature which teaches children about each shapes features. >>

With 3 levels the game can be set to your child's level of understanding.

In the grown-ups section there is more information about the games and Leo and Pals as well as a selection of worksheets that can be printed and used outside of the app to consolidate the children's learning. >>

Shape matching. Marvin's game.

Use memory skills and shape matching ability to help Marvin find the matching shapes under the banana cards.

Matching shapes

Shape names

Shape names. Leo's game.

This game works with the learn section of the app to allow your child to solidify the association of a shapes name to the actual physical shape on screen.

Shape descriptions. Jerry's game.

This game helps your child pick out shapes by their description. It's a brilliant companion to the learn section which really helps solidify their learning.

Shape Description



Certificates can be earnt by playing the games. All certificates can be printed in colour or print an outline to be coloured in.


The learn section teaches children about the different features of the shapes



Grown-ups Zone.

The grown-ups zone contains information about the games and provides work sheets that can be printed for use outside the app to further consolidate the learning.